Packing for Camp

Scouts do not need to pack tents for camp. They are provided by the troop.  Adults DO need to bring their own tents. Otherwise, the checklists below apply to Scouts and Scouters.

Weekend Camp - Packing Checklist

Cold Weather Camp - Packing Checklist

Summer Camp - Packing Checklist

Summer Camp Program Guide

Winter Camp Program Guide

Camping Prep Templates

Patrol Meal Planning Template

Weekend Camp Duty Roster Template

Camp Planning Forms & Schedule Template

Troop Departure Email Template

Weekend Camping Preparation Template 

Camping Prep Procedures Template

Summer Camp - Adult in Camp State Compliance Form

Membership Application Forms

BSA Annual Medical Form A&B only

BSA Annual Medical Form A,B & C - summer/winter camp

YOUTH BSA Application for Troop 728 Boys 

ADULT BSA Application for Troop 728 Boys 

Merit Badge Counselor Application Supplement

BSA Adult Position Codes

Other Documents

Troop 728 Reimbursement Request Form

Circle 10 Council Sales Tax Exemption Form - pending receipt

National Honor Patrol Award Form

Calendar Connection Instructions

Leadership Application Form

Scout Leadership Positions

Eagle Scout Project Workbook & Instructions

Troop Mobilization Plan (Emergency Preparedness)

Rules (Provisional Committee Rules): as of 3/13/2016

Troop 728 Scouts & Parents Guide

Troop Bylaws (Annotated as of December 12, 2010)