Camp Cards

How Camp Cards work for Scouts

Earning money just doesn’t get any better or easier than the Circle Ten Council CAMP CARD sale. Talk about a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone.

For example, the 2017 Camp Card, sold for the very low price of ONLY $10, offered customers:

Best yet, this is a totally no-risk situation for units. Cards are provided to units on consignment, and units can return unsold cards. Full unit commission is 50%, or $5/card.

Units can sell these cards three ways: a) sign-up for selling shifts in front of sponsoring stores, b) sell door-to-door, or c) sell the cards to families within your unit. Consumers actually MAKE MONEY by purchasing one of these cards, and many customers buy more than one card as the discounts are so appealing.

The money raised by the scout selling camp cards helps him pay for activities like summer camp!

Camp Card kick-off for the NEXT sale is in early February.

These benefit all of us!

When your unit participates in either of the Circle Ten Council money earning projects, you are NOT ONLY RAISING money for your unit, but you are HELPING THE COUNCIL provide the services your unit needs and enjoys on a regular basis.

Popcorn and Camp Card sales, combined, contributed $1.9 million, net of expenses, to our council in 2016, representing 14% of our total sources of income. We need your help to continue to provide services and benefits such as:

In 2016, over 208,500 cards were sold council-wide, netting over $521,000 back to approximately 600 units. Do the math, that’s an average of about $900/unit.