Troop 728 History

60 Years of Scouting at St. Paul Church

Originally chartered on February 24, 1958, and 60 years under it's belt, Troop 728 has a long history of scouting and service in the community. Look around St. Paul the Apostle Church, and you’ll see many examples of Eagle projects our boys have done.  We take pride that we’ve taken 48 boys to Eagle, 27 in the last 10 years. Many of our Eagles have gone on to earn multiple Eagle Palms.  Now we are excited to offer the same program to the girls in Troop 728 Scouts BSA

Troop 728 promotes numerous awards programs with a large variety of camping and merit badge opportunities.  Our slogan of "Building Character, One Scout at a Time" is made possible because of our smaller troop size, allowing us to give each boy the individual attention needed to develop and build leadership skills. Troop 728 excels in advancement, merit badge instruction, community service and award recognition.  

Our program is strong in outdoor activities and camping. We have adult leaders that love to fish, hike, bike, climb, sail, and even ski (water & snow). We also have individuals with an interest in map reading & orienteering, camp cooking, citizenship, flying, and electronics, just to name a few. 

We are excited that in February 2019, we have created our sister Troop 728 for girls to enjoy the program!

[edited 02/2019]

Troop 728 Boys - Scoutmasters

1970s                  Charles B. London

2 years                Jeff Longoria

1 year (6 mos.)     Dave Haeusler

1997 - 2004         Mark Carpenter

2004 - 2005         Bill Tennant

2005 - 2007         Greg Bobzien

2007 - 2010         Mike Koenecke

2010 - Present     Pete Ineich


Troop Committee Chairs

1992 - 1994          Mark Carpenter

1995 - 1996          Mark Goedecke

1997 - 1999         Julie Shwarts

1999 - 2004         Joe Tavares

2004 - 2007        Dan Carrier

2007 - 2010        Julius Caten

2010 – 2017       Marie Baert

2018 – 2022    Rachel Cahill

2023 - Present Tom Schmidt

Troop Awards

Journey to Excellence: 2007 to Present

Quality Unit Award: 1995 to 2006

District Service Gold Award: 1996 to 2006

National Order of the Arrow Camping Award  

National Camping Awards: 

 Troop 728 has the distinction of earning the most Gold Awards of any Troop in Council! !