Troop Contacts

How we communicate:

1. Email - We send out emails to keep everyone in the loop through our group list service.

2. GroupMe - We use an app called GroupMe for urgent messages or a note to remind you to check your email for an email announcement.  GroupMe sends out mass texts to everyone at the same time.  You can use it through your regular SMS message system, but we highly recommend downloading the GroupMe app so you can see who is posting a message.   Download the app here for your phone:  Google Play Store  or  Apple App Store

NOTE: After you are invited, you must immediately reply or GroupMe will silence the chat and you'll miss our notifications

3. Calendar - Check the calendar for current events (instructions on that page).

Who to contact when you need help?

Send an email to

Pete Ineich



Tom Schmidt

Committee Chair


Charter Organization Representative  - Chuck Holden for St. Paul Catholic Church

Assistant Scoutmasters - George Moore

Advancement Coordinator - Monica Narvaez

Troop Treasurer - Celeste Schmidt

Outdoor/Activities Coordinator - George Moore