Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2021

Friday December xx  - Tuesday December xx

Winter Camp 2021 will be at TBD Scout Camp. The troop will travel together and arrive at winter camp and set up their camp site before heading off to their adventurous week of merit badges and more. 

The cost of summer camp is $TBD.


To attend winter camp, BSA Medical Forms Part A & B plus Part C Physical are required!  Must also have a copy of your child's shot record attached and copy of insurance card (front & back) - BSA Annual Medical Form

Only paid and registered Scouts and BSA Adult Members may attend winter camp.  You must have valid online Youth Protection Training completed as part of your membership.  This training is good for 2 years.  Please request a membership application if you are interested in attending all or part of winter camp with the troop.

Packing for Camp

Winter Camp Packing Checklist

Winter Camp 2019 Program Guide

Winter Camp 2019 Merit Badges

Circle 10 Council Winter Camp 2019 Resources

Advice for Troop Winter Camp Packing from a Pro....

Bring your own pop-up tent for the troop because you will be sharing a campsite and you may not have access to the campsite pavillion.

Bring a lightweight firepit and firewood from home because sometimes camps say no fires on the ground if there are too many troops, so this will allow the troop to have a fire.

Advice for Winter Camp Packing from a Pro....

Layers for cold weather and rain.   It has rained the last 6 winter camps.  Need a waterproof hiking boot with wool socks.  Mud can be an issue.

We have had weeks below freezing or weeks with sun shine and 70.  Expect every time of weather.   

They need to put on a clean pair of socks each night before going to bed.  I would wear a knit cap while sleeping.

I wear 4 layers.  (my ski jacket has a warm liner and then a shell)

        Base:  Long sleeve poly shirt, Tights or long underwear bottoms

        Mid:  Pull over fleece, Pull over Shorts or long pants

        Outer Activity (like cycling):  Windbreaker or Vest

        Outer Base Camp:  Warm Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Replace pull over shorts for pull over long pants

Footwear:  Warm hiking boot with wool socks, Hiking shoe for warmer days

Advice for Winter Camp Packing from another Pro....

2 stocking caps  - one for sleeping one for day   set the other out to dry from sweat when other in use.

Extra extra socks – a pair can be used over mittens and gloves for extra warmth

Bandanas-  if you don’t have a scarf, then a bandana around the neck will help keep the draft off under your coat

Bring a bed sheet for inside sleeping bag; extra layer also excess sheet put against sleeping bag zipper. may be drafty when moving at night.

Air out sleeping bag during the day for a short time to dry from body and breathing moisture.

Put clothes in zip lock bags to keep dry. When packing for trip sit on open zip lock bags full of clothes to get air out then seal zip bag to have more room.

Trash bag for dirty /wet clothes

Put next day’s dry clothes in sealed zip lock bag, then put in sleeping bag with you and they will be warm when you get up.

Take a hand full of plastic grocery bags

   1. Put shoes/boots in them before putting them in tent.

   2. If shoes get wet inside… slip a bag over each foot with dry socks before slipping them into wet shoes.

   3. Put wet/dirty clothes in them

   4. Place to keep Merit Badge work together

   5. hang from inside tent to keep glasses and other items where you can find them in the dark.

   6. Personal trash bag in back pocket

About the Campground 

ABOUT: The Circle 10 Council owns the Clements Scout Ranch which is home to Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp and Camp Meisenbach. The ranch has over 3,300 acres of towering pines and hardwoods with four well-stocked lakes.  Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp has nine weekend campsites with two large pavilions and 19 summer campsites complete with a dining hall, headquarters building, first aid lodge, swimming pool, waterfront, horses, the 60 ft. John Coffman Climbing Tower, the Roy & Frances Rea COPE Center, and many more traditional program areas. Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp is also home to a first class Museum of Natural History.  A variety of wildlife trails, great fishing on all four lakes, rowboats, canoes, rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges are available.​