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Welcome to the troop that's ready for anything.

Scouting in Richardson, TX for over 60 years!

Welcome to Troop 728 Boys! We're a group of adventurous youth and adult volunteers who:

Whether it's whitewater rafting in the Colorado Rockies or teaching young Cubs to build a campfire, we're committed to immersive learning that comes from cooperation, character and adventure. 

Our troop is part of the Northern Trail District of Circle Ten Council.

Click here for info about our scouting units.

Thanks to your support through our Flag Service and Ham Sales, our troop traveled to Colorado for an amazing summer camp filled with hiking, rock climbing, survival skills, campfires and white water rafting! Here's a 20-minute clip of our adventures!

Thank you for your support!

What does it mean to support our troop? It means helping these kids learn through adventure, cooperation and skill-building challenges all year long. 

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