Camping is an important part of the Scouts BSA experience. The scouts learn skills that allow them to be stronger and more confident in their abilities and they also learn leadership skills along the way. The best part is that camping is FUN!!!

Camping is also girl-led, so the adults role is to ensure safety, but not tell the scouts what to do. This is the way they learn!

The Troop typically camps on the third weekend of the month, but occasionally that date gets moved. The troop pays for the camping and food normally, with the exception of Summer Camp which is usually around $300+/-. Your son can sell Camp Cards in the spring to fundraise for that. Summer camp can be completely paid for by encouraging your scout to participate in the fundraising activities. This teaches the scouting value that a scout is THRIFTY.

When traveling to/from camp, it's always in Class A uniform (without the neckerchief). See below for details. The scouts meet at the trailers which is on the side of the Parish Center where we have our meetings around 5 or 6 on Friday (time will be announced). They will return on Sunday morning usually before noon. They will contact you when they are getting close to let you know when to pick them up.

Before the first camping trip, fill out the BSA Annual Medical Form. Parts A & B are required to be turned in before your first camping trip with a copy of your insurance card and shot record. Before summer camp or a high-adventure camp, Part C will need to be completed with the physical. The medical forms are required to be completed and updated annually.

Packing for Camp

When packing for camp, we have prepared some helpful checklists to help your scout "Be Prepared". Make sure that you are not packing for your scout, though because they will not know where their stuff is in the bags AND what do they learn if you do it for them????

Normal Weekend Camping Checklist

Cold Weather Camping Checklist

Summer Camp Checklist

Go to Academy or Walmart to buy your camping gear if you do not have it already. When camping, the troop provides tents and food for the weekend, so it's really just personal gear (sleeping bags, clothes, water bottle, toiletries, etc.) that your scout will need to bring. No electronics at camp, but they can be used while traveling. They should always bring their Scouts BSA Handbook as they will sometimes be working on items in their handbook while they are at camp.

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